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Meet MyNanny

My love for nurturing and caring for children was ignited in the summer of 1986 when I became pregnant with my first child, Jessica. I quickly learned that I wasn’t just interested in nurturing my own child, but that I also had a passion for caring for children from other families. My second child, Rebekah, long-awaited, finally arrived in the spring of 1994, completing our flesh and blood family, but through church and friends I found many other children to love and nurture along with my own. My home was often filled with children of varied ages, from infants to toddlers and preschoolers. As my children grew, the age range of those in my care expanded to include gradeschoolers and preteens. Much of the care that I gave was “not for profit,” but rather for the sheer joy of having a houseful of children and to be of service to friends. I did have a few “clients” during those early years, though my first full-time position as a nanny did not begin until our family relocated from Southern California to Northeast Tennessee.

Through a newspaper ad that I had placed in December of 2005, my former employer, Lorie, contacted me by telephone. After having so many respondents to the ad who had very strange (and a few that were downright scary) backgrounds, it was a joy and relief to speak with Lorie, who expressed her desire to meet me and introduce me to her daughter, Maddie, who was, at the time of our interview, just 6 weeks new! My daughter Rebekah (then about 11) met with Lorie and Maddie (dad Josh was away on business) and a week or so later (after continued conversation via instant messenger) Lorie and I agreed that I (and Rebekah) would begin caring for Maddie once the New Year began.

Looking back on those first days, it’s hard to believe that Bekah asked me several times over the course of the next week or so, “What’s the baby’s name?” She and Maddie quickly became like sisters, and when Max, and then Titus came along, the number of Rebekah’s “siblings” grew. As it is with our own children, I was amazed at how much the love expanded my heart to include the two brothers as they came along. (Yes, I’m pausing here to blink back a few tears.)

Bekah and I enjoyed learning to care for our new family from day one. We eagerly read, “The Secrets of the Baby Whisperer,” at Lorie’s request. We were amazed at the success we achieved with E.A.S.Y. (read the book). We kept a nanny log faithfully for Lorie, detailing all the events of Maddie’s day, so that Lorie would know how much Maddie had eaten, how many wet/dirty diapers she had, and when/how long Maddie’s naps had been. When Max was born the following January we kept logs for both children, at least for several weeks. I think that Lorie and I both decided about the same time that we weren’t really benefiting much from the logs at that point, perhaps because Lorie was working from home most days and we were in constant IM/text communication (haha, from upstairs to downstairs).

At times, Lorie’s job required her to travel; the children and I (and sometimes her husband) accompanied her on several trips, a week or two at a time. She was able to be with her children when not at work; I was able to see some of the “other” coast (since I am a SoCal transplant).

I made a conscious effort throughout my time with the family to uphold the parents’ authority and respect their preferences in all matters. Though I love those children absolutely I have always kept sacred the parent/child relationship. I am not a surrogate mother; I am Nanny.

If you are searching for competent, loving, Christ-honoring childcare for your family in the Tri-Cities area (TN), please contact The Nanny at MandMsNanny@gmail.com or leave a comment below. References & background check available.


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I love watching these little guys!

“A cheerful heart is good medicine!”
Proverbs 17:22

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Thanks for visiting¬†My Nanny. ¬†(Thanks to Maddie, for the title! I can hear her sweet little voice saying “my nanny” every time I type the words!) You can read a little about me here, see my references, and check out my resume. PLEASE leave a comment when you visit…I would love to know that you’ve stopped by.

Heidi (aka Nanny)

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